Proving Grounds: DreamLeague Season 8

DreamLeague Season 8 finals, the next Major in this year’s circuit of Valve-backed DotA 2 events, is set to take place between December 1st-3rd in Jönköping, Sweden. With a duration of just 3 days, Dreamleague is set to be an intense sprint of a tournament. The 8 participating teams earned their spots after an extensive and arduous set of qualifiers running over several weeks.

The Teams at DreamLeague Season 8

Team Secret / / Team Liquid / Newbee

Natus Vincere / Fnatic / Evil Geniuses / Infamous

Proven Teams

Of the eight teams participating, Team Secret,, Team Liquid, and Newbee have all established themselves as the best teams in the scene. Each team boasts a strong mix of seasoned veterans and relatively new young talent, which has resulted in a plethora of consistent and strong results in this newest DotA 2 season. These four teams are the favorites going into Dreamleague Season 8.

Teams with something to prove

The remaining four teams in Natus Vincere, Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, and Infamous come into this event with something to prove. Unlike the other four teams, this batch has not cemented themselves in the upper echelons of the best teams in the world. While they all have the potential to be, it is still to be seen whether they can live up to that potential. DreamLeague Season 8 is the ultimate stage for these teams to establish themselves among the best.

Natus Vincere

As an organization, Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) has an incredible legacy behind it, with the first International Title and an extended period of dominance in DotA 2’s early years. However, in recent times, the various squads under Na’Vi, always built around their star player Dendi, has been plagued with mediocrity. Ultimately, this recent period of weak results has been keeping the current iteration of the team under widespread skepticism by the community, despite their strong performances recently. A high placement at DreamLeague would be sure to make the statement “Na’Vi is back!”.


In recent years, Fnatic has also struggled to show strong form while cycling through a number of rosters. Since the beginning of the season, with the acquisition of EternalEnVy and Xcalibur, the team has had abysmal results. Of the few wins they managed to achieve, even fewer looked convincing. However, with the recent swap of Abed for Xcalibur, Fnatic could have the boost they need to become a mainstay in the DotA 2 scene.

Evil Geniuses

Perhaps it is surprising to see the American squad classified as having something to prove. EG has had streaks of success over the past few years, including an International win in 2015. However the most recent bottom-placement at The International 7 as well as losing one of their star players in zai, EG looks out of sync. Since the season’s start, they have failed to achieve any significant placement at any LAN. Still, the EG team certainly has the tools to make it back on top, especially with Fear returning to captain the team.


Like the region they hail from, this team of Peruvians has not had much history of success on the international scene despite having a lot of talent. Suffering from roster instability and inconsistent performances, the players on Infamous have had a taste of the international big stage but not of winning there. Expectations going into DreamLeague Season 8 for this team are probably quite low. However, with the young talent that this team possesses, they certainly have the tools to make an underdog run.

Who do you think will win DreamLeague?

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