LOL World Championships 2017

Starting this Saturday 23rd September, the 2017 League of Legends World Championships will be held in China. It will be the first time the country has hosted the event which was last held in the USA. In total, there will be 24 teams that will fight for the Summoner’s Cup, all of them from the 13 professional LOL leagues.

LOL Worlds 2017

The regions are:

  • Brazil (BR)
  • China (CN)
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
  • Europe (EU)
  • Japan (JPN)
  • Korea (KR)
  • Latin America North (LAN)
  • North America (NA)
  • Oceania (OCE)
  • Southeast Asia (SEA)
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau (LMS)
  • Turkey (TUR)


The tournament will run over three months in multiple locations throughout China.

  • Play-In Tournament
    • September 23-26th & September 28/29th
    • Wuhan Sports Center Gym, Wuhan
  • Group stage:
    • October 5-8th & October 12-15th
    • Wuhan Sports Center Gym, Wuhan
  • Quarterfinals
    • October 19-22th
    • Guangzhou Gymnasium, Guangzhou
  • Semi-finals
    • October 28-29th
    • Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai
  • Final
    • November 4th
    • Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), Beijing

Qualified LCK Teams (LOL Champions Korea)

The final of the Summer Split of the LCK was full of surprises. Most notably, Longzhu Gaming edged their way to first place, ahead of SKT T1 who found themselves in fourth place. Longzhu Gamings performance earned them the first seed for Korea at the Worlds. After accumulating the most championship points throughout Season 7, SK Telecom took the second Korean seed. Following their win against KT Rolster in the Gauntlet, Samsung Galaxy took the third seed which will make their second consecutive Worlds appearance and fourth time overall.

LCS EU teams already qualified (LOL Championship Series)

In Europe, the final of Summer Split was anything but dull. G2 beat Misfits in a stunning 3-0 Bo5 grand final. Even though both teams were already qualified for the Worlds before the final, this confirms G2’s number one seed, giving Misfits seed number two.

LCS NA teams already qualified (LOL Championship Series)

The North American LCS Summer Split 2017 resulted in Team SoloMid taking the title and thus, seed number one for the Worlds. Immortals took the second seed.

LPL teams already qualified (LOL Pro League, China)

On the Chinese side, Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and EDward Gaming (EDG) had already guaranteed their ticket to the Worlds. But it was left until the final of the Summer Split to decide who would inherit the first seed. After an incredibly close grand final, EDG edged over RNG to win 3-2 and will take top spot as the Chinese favourite on home turf.

LMS teams already qualified (LOL Masters Series, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau)

For the LMS, we know the two qualified teams and especially their seeds.

Following a 3-0 win against Ahq e-Sports Club, The Flash Wolves won the Summer Split and the first seed in the region.

GPL team already qualified (Garena Premier League, Southeast Asia)

Winners of the LPG Summer Split 2017, the GIGABYTE Marines qualified for the Worlds 2017. It should be noted that the LPG is the only region to see only one of its teams qualify directly for the group stage of the championships world.


Play-In Phase

The Play-In Phase is a new addition to the Worlds 2017 tournament, with twelve teams fighting for their spot in the group stages. Of the twelve teams, only four will qualify for the groups.

  • Teams will be divided into four groups of three teams.
  • Teams in the same group will face the other two times in a Bo1.
  • The first two teams qualify for the next round (the third is therefore eliminated).
  • Four Bo5 matches will decide the first and second place of each group, and these four winners will qualify for the group stages of the Worlds.

Group stage

There will be 16 teams in the group stages of the World Championship 2017. Three will be from the Korean region, who are out of the opening phase, and at least two from each of the regions of China, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and North America. There will also be a team from the MSI, which was held a few months ago in Brazil. Finally, there will be a further four teams from the Play-In stage.

Group A

  • Edward Gaming (LPL)
  • SK Telecom T1 (LCC)
  • ahq e-Sports Club (LMS)
  • Play-In Winner Qualification

Group B

  • Longzhu Gaming (LCC)
  • Immortals (NA LCS)
  • Gigabyte Marines (GPL)
  • Play-In Winner Qualification

Group C

  • G2 Esports (EU LCS)
  • Samsung Galaxy (LCK)
  • Royal Never Give Up (LPL)
  • Play-In Winner Qualification

Group D

  • Flash Wolves (LMS)
  • Misfits (EU LCS)
  • TSM (NA LCS)
  • Play-In Winner Qualification

Final Stage

The group stage will decide eight teams for the quarter-finals, which will be played from 19-22 October at the Guangzhou Gymnasium. The four teams that pass to the semifinals will move on to the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, which will be held from 28-29 October.

The Grand Final, where the Summoner Cup will have a new owner, will be played on November 4th at the National Stadium in Beijing. The stadium is commonly known as the Bird’s Nest and was primarily built for the 2008 Summer Olympics.