League of Legends prizes

Verifying your Account

To ensure we are delivering the correct prize to the correct League of Legends account, we need you to go to your settings verify your League of Legends account with us:


We need you to tell us your summoner name, and the region you are playing in:


You can always edit it once you’ve submitted, in case you make an error. Though as with all account linking, you may only link one external account with one ESP account.

We will then send you a friend request and after 24 hours we will be able to gift the prize !


The steps are

  1. Enter your username and region in your ESP accounts page under settings
  2. We will send a friend invite
  3. Accept the invite
  4. Wait for 24 hours of being friends, then we can send over your prize!

Though how do I know it’s ESP trying to be my friend?

We have accounts in the regions our prizes winners are located. If you don’t see your region on this list please email support@esportspools.com

Server Name Abbreviation ESP prize holding account
Europe West EUW WinteraMosez
North America NA synesthesia24
Europe Nordic & East EUNE TrendyGloomy
Oceania OCE WallisMelody
Turkey TU DellaEdmundz