FaZe vs Mouz at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

FaZe vs Mouz at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

The map bans at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

Map bans are critical. ultimately Mouz gave away a free map to FaZe at ESLOne Belo Horizonte.

Mouz ban Overpass. A top map for FaZe and a reasonably weak map overall for Mouz.

FaZe ban Nuke. A top map for Mouz. FaZe and Mouz perform well on Nuke, perhaps cromen’s ability to perform on these might have been the reason why this was banned.

Round by round at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

1. Mouz pick Inferno, 16-6 [FaZe win]

This was a surprising pick by Mouz. Not a strong map for Mouz and consequently a GOOD map for FaZe. The result proved this map pick was a mistake, FaZe dominated, winning 16-6. karrigan, rain, and NiKo were outstanding for FaZe. suNny, ropz and n0thing were shut down entirely in this game, more so during FaZe’s impeccable T-side.

Battle of the standins: cromen had a much better time than n0thing.

2. FaZe pick Cache, 16-14 [Mouz win]

Both teams have a similar win rate on this map. The 16-14 map score reflected how close these teams were. It seemed to be going very well for FaZe, winning 11 rounds on T side, only for Mouz to step up and close the first half off with 4 round wins. In the second half, Mouz dropped 3 rounds but otherwise had a fantastic T side. chrisJ, STYKO, and ropz were the best players on the map and seemed to always be in the right place, at the right time and with the aim accuracy to shut out karrigan and rain.

Battle of the standins: cromen had a great time on cache, n0thing wasn’t so hot.

3. Mouz pick Train, 16-12 [Mouz win]

Great win here for Mouz on their map pick. GuardiaN and karrigan were locked out of the game. NiKo was carrying the critical stats for FaZe on damage and kills but chrisj wasn’t far behind. ropz and suNny put in an excellent performance to back up chrisJ to close the first half 11-4. The last 3 map wins on CT side appeared to be elusive for Mouz, as FaZe conducted a series of team kills and explosions. Round 23 to 28 was the home stretch with FaZe only managing to defend the bomb plant on round 26.

Battle of the standins: The standins on both sides had decent time on this map.

4. FaZe pick Mirage, 16-9 [FaZe win]

GuardiaN didn’t have a lot to do on inferno as karrigan, rain, NiKo and cromen were running rampant around the server. He was FaZe’s best player on cache but chrisJ dominated with the AWP. It wasn’t until Mirage that GuardiaN decided that he’d wreck people. He was top damage (97 ADR) For FaZe with 14 AWP kills and a cheeky 7 kills with the mac10. With NiKo was right behind Guardian with 22 kills and similar ADR, they made cromen and rain look average even though they had a great time on this map. STYKO was unable to make an impact here, but to be fair, it seemed like a massive mismatch for Mouz on mirage and FaZe’s T side dominance seemed too much to overcome in the second half.

Battle of the standins: cromen had a fantastic time on mirage, whereas n0thing (like all of Mouz) didn’t have a good time.

5. Dust2 picK by default, 16-10 [FaZe win]

This was a great map to finish off the tournament. Dust2 is the starter map for most CSGO players, so it’s very familiar to see it in the rotation for noobs all the way to pros.

FaZe managed to counter 7 rounds of Mouz’s T side. FaZe’s gameplay and confidence looked good for them to move on to sweep the T side in the second half, which of course they did. En route, NiKo showed how comfortable he was with an array of weapons:

  • 10 on rifles
  • 11 on sniper (2[scout]+ 9[AWP])
  • 4 pistols
  • 4 UMP

While the NiKo show was in progress, rain and GuardiaN were excellent. chrisJ was the only player on Mouz’s side that had a good game, ropz, STYKO and n0thing were locked out of contributing.

Battle of the standins: both had a rough time on Dust2.

Highlight video of ESLOne Belo Horizonte final

Watch the highlights of the final here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amd0vsKnXh0