ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2018 : Fantasy Overview

ELEAGUE CSGO finals start soon! As always we have a fantasy event tied to ELEAGUE CSGO finals and as such we wanted to share some insights and top team picks for the finals.

Top 5 fantasy players

top 5 value ELEAGUE CSGO players

Player Avg pts per game Salary Points per $1000
s1mple 18.5 $2,600 7.12
NiKo 18.4 $2,600 7.08
coldzera 18.2 $2,600 7.00
Twistzz 17 $2,400 7.08
electronic 16.8 $2,400 7.00

#1. s1mple

If NaVi make the playoffs it’s because s1mple and electronic are on their game. You can’t make up a team with both due to the salaries. s1mple is always a good pick.

#2. NiKo

NiKo is also a good pick, again you couldn’t afford s1mple and NiKo and then put 3 players into a dream team with only $4800 left. Choose your favorite.

#3. coldzera

Cold is the third option, but like s1mple and NiKo, you can’t have 2 of any of these players without shorting the rest of your roster. Choose your favorite.

#4. Twistzz

Twistzz is a sleeping giant amongst s1mple, NiKo, and coldzera. Liquid may not always be on the final stage, but if Twistzz is on his game they may be. If you’re an NA supporter then pick him (PS. he is Canadian!)

#5. electronic

Way too many people underrate electronic, largely due to s1mple’s impact on NaVi’s success. Statistically, a great fantasy scorer and a good price if you want to shave $200 off your roster value.

Top 5 value fantasy players

top 5 ELEAGUE CSGO players

Player Avg pts per game Salary Points per $1000
device 15.2 $2,100 7.24
ropz 15.2 $2,100 7.24
Stewie2k 14.4 $2,000 7.20
Xyp9x 13.8 $1,900 7.26
NAF 13.7 $1,900 7.21

#1. device

Great AWPer and fantastic fantasy points scorer device costs $2100. He’s going to cost slightly higher than the average value of $1950 but his average points per match are 15.2 which is considered a high-level pick and fantastic value for money. If Astralis do well then so will dev1ce.

#2. ropz

Again slightly higher than the average value of $1950, and it will cost you $2100 to put him into your team. ropz’s scores 15.2 points on average per match and puts him on the same level as dev1ce. Mousesports’ form recently hasn’t been bad, but with the addition of Snax as a newcomer, who knows how far they will go.

#3. Stewie2k

Fairly fresh in the MIBR (former SK) roster, stewi2k is a steal at $2000, considering he can bang out an average of 14.4 fantasy points. If MIBR can reach the playoffs then stewie2k will be on the top end of the fantasy leaderboard.

#4. Xyp9x

Xyp9x is a steal at $1900 with 13.8 average points per game. Like dev1ce, if Astralis go all the way then Xyp9x will be a top contributor. The only caveat to picking Xyp9x is that dupreeh and Magisk might step up and be top scorers, but their cost (dupreeh $2300 and Magisk $2200) puts them out of the value range of Xyp9x.

#5. NAF

NAF is another good value pick at $1900 and contributes 13.7 fantasy points on average just like Xyp9x. It’s doubtful that Liquid will go all the way to the playoffs, but who knows, this is a funny game sometimes.

Other notable picks


Consistently scorer.$1800 for 13.1 fantasy points per game.


Xizt might be a great pick. This could be Fnatic’s best team for a while and at $1800 with 13 fantasy points per game, Xizt is a great pick.


$1700 and an average points per match of 12.3. STYKO was replaced on Mousesports by Snax, he might have a point to prove. STYKO has the potential to be a good filler pick.


He is a great backup to suNny at a much lower cost. $1600 for 11.6 average fantasy points per match. A good filler.


Thorin’s opinion of him is fairly low, he costs $1500 and scores 11.1 fantasy points on average. A good filler if NaVi gets to the playoffs.