The Egg 20 incident

During the update to extend the egg hunt for 2016 some of the newer codes were temporarily visible. A few ESP members found them and one got to 20 eggs (and few more after them), this triggered them winning the Dragon Lore. That wasn’t our intention for the reward of finding the elusive Egg 20. These are the key points:

  1. We made an error, we’ve thought and talked about it and think this is the best way to make it right.
  2. The existing Dragon Lore was won by an ESP member getting to “20 eggs” first, so they won it as advertised.
  3. Our intention was to extend the event by adding more prizes, though we don’t want to undermine or discount the efforts of all the people hunting for “elusive egg 20” after they had found the first 19, opposed to any “20 eggs” (as the new ones were visible for a bit).
  4. So … we are going to offer another Dragon Lore to the person that finds the first 20 eggs. So the original eggs #1 through #20. So the elusive egg #20 still has it’s value
    Seeing as some people were on 19 and scouring the site, we think this is fair.

And yes … Egg 20 is real and it is in the site, somewhere!