Dreamhack Astro Open Winter 2017 #DHW17 team highlights

DreamHack Astro Open winter is almost here, here are some key points for some of the teams competing in the tournament.

BIG replaces Fnatic

Fnatic withdrew from the tournament. Although not the powerhouse they once were, Fnatic will be missed by the fans at DreamHack Winter; they won the first ever CSGO Major in 2013 at DreamHack Open Winter with the legendary team of JW, flusha, znajder, Devilwalk & pronax.

BIG is currently ranked 21 and has leapfrogged into this competition due to Fnatic’s withdrawal. BIG placed 2nd in DreamHack Open Denver this year, losing 16-13 on cache (their pick) and 16-6 on C9’s pick, train. Overall, they are ranked 21st by HLTV. They’re quite far behind the top 16/17 teams.

EnVyUs replaces Team Liquid

zews could not get a visa (he replaced stanislaw) and are replaced by EnVyUs who won DreamHack Atlanta this year and had some decent placements in 2017. They’re currently ranked 13th in HLTV rankings, although they’re far behind the top 8 teams.

Na’Vi have a small change in the roster with electronic replacing seized. Their performance has been relatively erratic this year. This has been a bit of a bumpy ride for the team. In August, Guardian left for FaZe and Zeus came in from Gambit after winning the PGL Major in Krakow.

For two and a half months the team tried to gel until seized was replaced with electronic in October, so this is quite a new team. Watching s1mple is always enjoyable, but there are high expectations for Na’Vi to do better than they’ve been doing, lest they slip away into obscurity.

Gambit Esports

Gambit has a solid team, but the reality is that they’re at the low end of the top 10 teams in CSGO. fitch is on trial, and a good performance here might see that trial extended. hobbit was formally signed in August about two weeks after the team won PGL Major Krakow.

They have a new coach, and the team is stable. Last year at DreamHack Winter, HObbit was a rookie but still managed to pick up the tournament MVP at his first premier competition. Expectations are high for a repeat performance this year, on the whole team too.


mousesports are sitting just out the top 10, but the gap between the guys at the top SK and FaZe, and the rest is gargantuan, however, every tournament win helps. They won ESG Tour in Mykonos, showing up in total pro mode, leaving with 120K USD and no sun tan, beating Team Liquid 3-2 in the final. suNny and oskar steamrolled the three maps they won on cobble, train and nuke with suNny was excellent on Mirage, one of the two maps they dropped to Team Liquid.

Who do you think will win DreamHack Astro Open Winter?

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