Blast Pro Series: a closer look at Astralis without dev1ce

Blast Pro Series 2017

Dev1ce has been ill since IEM Oakland, and Dennis will replace him for the Blast Pro Series. First of all, we hope dev1ce feels better soon, he’s one of ESP’s favorite players to watch and a great player all around. Good luck man! Dennis will be most likely be picking up dev1ce’s AWP during Blast Pro Series.

So how much of an impact will dev1ce’s absence have on Astralis and what are their chances of succeeding in the tournament?

Let’s have a look at the maps and opponents for throughout the five rounds. Here’s a map win rate. Generally speaking, if statistics were extrapolated, the conditions stayed the same as before and everything remained a constant, the team who’s bar is over the 50% mark would win. Sort of… not really, but kinda.

Astralis map win rate, versus other teams,, historical data.

Astralis vs. SK Gaming on inferno

This is not one of dev1ce’s best maps, so if Dennis can perform any better here, then he has a chance to improve Astralis’ chance.

That’s not to say it’s all on dev1ce. Kjaerbye is not his best here either, and if Astralis catch a break on CT pistol round, it might change the outcome of the game.

ESP Prediction: SK Gaming with a comfortable win.

ESP predicts that SK will win

Astralis vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas on overpass

dev1ce performs slightly below his best on overpass, so again, it’s down to whatever Dennis can bring to the table here. This is also not Xyp9x’s best map, so a positive change in the norm from how he plays here might make a difference. All in all, this is a really solid map for Astralis, but the substituted player and understanding Astralis’ play-style and strategy may impact it significantly.

Kjaerbye and gla1ve are absolute beasts on this map.

ESP Prediction: Ninjas are on form, but this is a massive map for Astralis, so we think Astralis will take this.

ESP predicts that Astralis will win

Astralis vs. North on overpass

Check out above. It’s all about Dennis being an integral part, Xyp9x improving and kjaerbye and gla1ve being monsters. That said, North are coordinated, and this is a colossal map for them. Aizy has been shut down a lot on by Astralis on Overpass in the past, but overall the team performs well against Astralis at full strength.

ESP Prediction: North win. They’re too good on overpass.

ESP predicts that North will win

Astralis vs. G2 Esports on overpass

The whole G2 team needs to step up to the level of NBK on this map. If they could get near the success that NBK has had on overpass, then this would help G2 immensely. This is still a big map for Astralis, even without dev1ce this will be a tough one to win.

ESP Prediction: G2 will win this. They are a coordinated team, they’ve had time to practice, and small performance increases from shox and kennyS will have a huge impact on the game.

ESP predicts that G2 will win

Astralis vs. FaZe Clan on inferno

Dev1ce is statistically below his average on inferno, so Dennis might have a shot at changing the outcome here. The kicker is they’re playing FaZe, and this is their second best map. Kjaerbye also runs cold on this map, way below his overall performance on other maps, so this tied with the fact that they can not get their CT strategy working means that Astralis have to work together, get lucky and hope they catch FaZe on a bad day. If they can break down FaZe T side, they have a shot.

ESP Prediction: FaZe will win it. They are just too STRONK!

ESP predicts that FaZe will win

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