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2. Gleam giveaway

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  • 6th place Blade of Tears
  • 7th place Astral Drift

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3. Legendary pool

  • 1st place Dragonclaw Hook
  • 2nd place Genuine Golden Empyrean
  • 3rd place Disciple of the Wyrmwrought Flame
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  • 5th place Tempest Helm of the Thundergod
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ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2018, fantasy overview


ELEAGUE CSGO finals start soon! As always we have a fantasy event tied to ELEAGUE CSGO finals and as such we wanted to share some insights and top team picks for the finals.

Top 5 fantasy players

top 5 value ELEAGUE CSGO players

Player Avg pts per game Salary Points per $1000
s1mple 18.5 $2,600 7.12
NiKo 18.4 $2,600 7.08
coldzera 18.2 $2,600 7.00
Twistzz 17 $2,400 7.08
electronic 16.8 $2,400 7.00


#1. s1mple

If NaVi make the playoffs it’s because s1mple and electronic are on their game. You can’t make up a team with both due to the salaries. s1mple is always a good pick.

#2. NiKo

NiKo is also a good pick, again you couldn’t afford s1mple and NiKo and then put 3 players into a dream team with only $4800 left. Choose your favorite.

#3. coldzera

Cold is the third option, but like s1mple and NiKo, you can’t have 2 of any of these players without shorting the rest of your roster. Choose your favorite.

#4. Twistzz

Twistzz is a sleeping giant amongst s1mple, NiKo, and coldzera. Liquid may not always be on the final stage, but if Twistzz is on his game they may be. If you’re an NA supporter then pick him (PS. he is Canadian!)

#5. electronic

Way too many people underrate electronic, largely due to s1mple’s impact on NaVi’s success. Statistically, a great fantasy scorer and a good price if you want to shave $200 off your roster value.

Top 5 value fantasy players

top 5 ELEAGUE CSGO players


Player Avg pts per game Salary Points per $1000
device 15.2 $2,100 7.24
ropz 15.2 $2,100 7.24
Stewie2k 14.4 $2,000 7.20
Xyp9x 13.8 $1,900 7.26
NAF 13.7 $1,900 7.21


#1. device

Great AWPer and fantastic fantasy points scorer device costs $2100. He’s going to cost slightly higher than the average value of $1950 but his average points per match are 15.2 which is considered a high-level pick and fantastic value for money. If Astralis do well then so will dev1ce.

#2. ropz

Again slightly higher than the average value of $1950, and it will cost you $2100 to put him into your team. ropz’s scores 15.2 points on average per match and puts him on the same level as dev1ce. Mousesports’ form recently hasn’t been bad, but with the addition of Snax as a newcomer, who knows how far they will go.

#3. Stewie2k

Fairly fresh in the MIBR (former SK) roster, stewi2k is a steal at $2000, considering he can bang out an average of 14.4 fantasy points. If MIBR can reach the playoffs then stewie2k will be on the top end of the fantasy leaderboard.

#4. Xyp9x

Xyp9x is a steal at $1900 with 13.8 average points per game. Like dev1ce, if Astralis go all the way then Xyp9x will be a top contributor. The only caveat to picking Xyp9x is that dupreeh and Magisk might step up and be top scorers, but their cost (dupreeh $2300 and Magisk $2200) puts them out of the value range of Xyp9x.

#5. NAF

NAF is another good value pick at $1900 and contributes 13.7 fantasy points on average just like Xyp9x. It’s doubtful that Liquid will go all the way to the playoffs, but who knows, this is a funny game sometimes.

Other notable picks


Consistently scorer.$1800 for 13.1 fantasy points per game.


Xizt might be a great pick. This could be Fnatic’s best team for a while and at $1800 with 13 fantasy points per game, Xizt is a great pick.


$1700 and an average points per match of 12.3. STYKO was replaced on Mousesports by Snax, he might have a point to prove. STYKO has the potential to be a good filler pick.


He is a great backup to suNny at a much lower cost. $1600 for 11.6 average fantasy points per match. A good filler.


Thorin’s opinion of him is fairly low, he costs $1500 and scores 11.1 fantasy points on average. A good filler if NaVi gets to the playoffs.

ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2018, overview & predictions


ELEAGUE CSGO starts soon from the G-FUEL ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, USA. From the 21st to the 29th of July, we’ll see Astralis, Cloud9, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, Team Liquid, mousesports, Natus Vincere and MIBR compete for a prize pool of $1,000,000.

The ELEAGUE CSGO final is a B05, all other matches are Bo3. The format is a GSL double-elimination, two groups of 4 teams and the top two teams from each group will progress to the playoffs.

Map pool

  • Cache
  • Dust2
  • Inferno
  • Nuke
  • Mirage
  • Overpass
  • Train

Major roster updates

There have been a few changes for ELEAGUE CSGO tournament, MIBR is, of course, the former SK Gaming roster, with Stewie2k replacing TACO (who is now playing with Team Liquid) and recently tarik who replaced boltz. Who knows how this team will fare, in ESL ONE Cologne they had a marginal win in their first BO1 match vs. Renegades only to lose 2-0 to FaZe. Relegated to the lower bracket, they snuffed out North’s chance of progressing by winning 2-1 only to lose to in-form team BIG 2 maps to 1.

Other notable changes

  • mousesports replacement of STYKO with former Virtus Pro member, Snax. mousesports had 3 tournament wins in 2018 (starladder SS 4, V4 Budapest & ESL Pro League S7).
  • Cloud9 lose Stewie2k and tarik to MIBR. stewie2k joined SK from Cloud9 in March, Tarik joined from Cloud9 in July.
  • In March, right before Stewie2k left Cloud9, Skadoodle moved to inactive. Skadoodle’s back on the active roster, FNS is inactive, and now STYKO and Golden are standing in.
  • Xizt joins Fnatic from NIP, replacing Lekr0 and draken replaced Golden. So 2 new players need to learn how to play together, but they at least they are all Swedish, so can communicate effectively.
  • olofmeister is back! This is his first tournament since cromen stood in at ECS S5 in June.

Teams, rosters, and their ELEAGUE group placements


Astralis in Group A at ELEAGUE CSGO 2018


Team Liquid in Group A at ELEAGUE CSGO 2018

Team Liquid

MIBR in Group A at ELEAGUE CSGO 2018


Cloud9 in Group A at ELEAGUE CSGO 2018



Group A initial games

  • Astralis vs. Cloud9
  • Team Liquid vs MIBR

How will C9 fare after losing tarik and Stewie2k to MIBR?

It is likely that Astralis and MIBR will win their opening games and face each other in the winners match, leaving Cloud9 to play Team Liquid in the elimination match, giving us a reasonably even matchup and a “NA” rivalry match.

Everyone thinks Astralis will win their Group and lock in a spot in the semifinals, leaving MIBR to play an extra match against Cloud9 or Team Liquid. If its Cloud9 then this could be as close to a grudge match as we can see, with tarik and stewie2k’s movement to MIBR.

Group A predictions

We hinted above:

  • Opening match: Astralis beat Cloud9
  • Opening match: MIBR beat Liquid
  • Winners match: Astralis beat MIBR
  • Elimination match: Cloud9 beat Liquid
  • Decider match: MIBR beat Cloud9


NaVi in Group B at ELEAGUE CSGO 2018

Natus Vincere

FaZe in Group B at ELEAGUE CSGO 2018

FaZe Clan

mousesports in Group B at ELEAGUE CSGO 2018


Fnatic in Group B at ELEAGUE CSGO 2018



Group B initial games

  • Na’Vi vs Fnatic
  • FaZe Clan vs mousesports

Na’Vi is on form after winning ESL ONE Cologne, but they need to be consistent and not rely on s1mple. In Cologne, electronic was awesome and flamie, and Edward had moments where they stepped up.

Fnatic has had two new members recently, but it’s a strong team with individually great players. They are all Swedish which bodes well for them from a communication point of view.

FaZe have olofmeister return from a lengthy break. Olof’s missed a few tournaments and its unlikely that Olof will get back into the game so quickly.

mousesports were doing well with STYKO, now they have Snax in his second tournament with them. It remains to be seen whether Snax works out long term with mousesports.

Group B predictions

  • Opening match: Na’Vi beat Fnatic
  • Opening match: FaZe beat mousesports
  • Winners match: FaZe beat Na’Vi
  • Elimination match: Fnatic beat mousesports
  • Decider match: Na’Vi beat Fnatic

ELEAGUE CSGO playoff predictions

As you can see above, we predict that the playoff bracket will include these 4 teams:

  • From Group A
    • Astralis
    • MIBR
  • From Group B
    • FaZe
    • Na’Vi

Watch and bet live!

We’ll be showing all the live games for ELEAGUE CSGO at ESP, join us and bet on every moment of CSGO!

ESL ONE Cologne Final 2018

Enjoy our data-rich report on the 2018 final of ESL ONE Cologne!

NaVi win ESL ONE Cologne 2018 3-1

ESL ONE Cologne final standings

  • 1st: Navi
  • 2nd: Big
  • 3/4th: Astralis
  • 3/4: FaZe

Tournament MVP


s1mple is MVP of ESL ONE Cologne 2018


  • ADR: 87
  • Kills: 404
  • Deaths: 262
  • Assists: 39
  • Headshots: 155
  • Fantasy points: 336

Notable mentions


  • ADR: 91
  • Kills: 365
  • Deaths: 272
  • Assists: 62
  • Headshots: 181
  • Fantasy points: 336


  • ADR: 84
  • Kills: 372
  • Deaths: 348
  • Assists: 77
  • Headshots: 187
  • Fantasy points: 288


  • ADR: 88
  • Kills: 369
  • Deaths: 338
  • Assists: 85
  • Headshots: 150
  • Fantasy points: 266

Highest margin games at ESL ONE Cologne 2018

Astralis vs Cloud9

BO3 Group A, Upper Bracket Semifinal

Score: 16-1 to Astralis

  • Second in the BO3
  • Reasonably close opener on mirage, 16-12 to Astralis
  • Astralis were the hot knife, and Cloud9 were the butter
  • Cloud9 chalked up only one round in the first half in round 13, courtesy of a team kill
  • 10 team kills, 3 bombs defused and 1 round with no bomb plant

FaZe vs Fnatic

BO3 Group B Upper Bracket Final

Score: 16-1 FaZe

  • decider in the B03
  • After a significant loss (16:4) on overpass, Fnatic scraped a 16-11 win on Mirage
  • only to lose the decider in such a dramatic, one-sided fashion
  • Fnatic successfully planted and defended their bomb in the 10th round
  • 12 team kills and 4 bombs defused

BIG vs G2

BO3 Quarterfinal

Score: 16-1 to BIG

  • Second map in the BO3
  • Incredibly close game on Cache that was decided in overtime, primarily due to kennyS and shox performance on the map
  • It gave G2 fans a lot of hope for the future of this roster and for their map pick which was Dust2
  • The entire BIG team were on fire on Dust2, notably tiziaN and gob b with mammoth ADR scores of 117 and 112 respectively
  • tiziaN was impossible to kill, and with the amount of damage he was dishing out, proved to be god like
  • gob b 4K hold on top mid, taking out SmithZz with the bomb on catwalk, crazy MP9 mid-range accuracy
  • SmithZz stops the 13 round streak with a 3K; this is G2’s only round, won with a team kill
  • 11 team kills, 4 bombs defused and 1 round with no bomb plant

The most entertaining game at ESL ONE Cologne 2018

BIG vs MIBR, on inferno, the decider map score: 22-20 evenly matched halves, 7-8 & 8-7

Being the decider map in a BO3 meant this was always going to be exciting, but having 42 rounds of CSGO to decide it was incredible!

Both teams evenly matched as the scoreline suggests. The map MVP was nex, for pure consistency across 42 rounds.

FalleN’s 1v2 clutch in R29 had everyone on the edge of their seat. The bomb is planted on B, half the timer remains and FalleN has gob b and tiziaN on site waiting to defuse. As the bomb timer ticks on he decides to peek into B site and tags gob b.

tiziaN has the info on FalleN but has to attempt a defuse soon, and as FalleN jumps in, tiziaN attempts to take him out, tiziaN starts to defuse, FalleN throws his remaining grenade, and peeks as there is a fraction of a second left on the defuse.

The clipperino (in German) shows it all:

Notable match, the shoulda/woulda/coulda/

BIG vs Fnatic

Fnatic dominated BIG. If the two teams had met in the playoffs, it might have been Fnatic taking home the trophy.

16-10 on Cache and a whopping 16-4 on Train.

The ESL ONE Cologne 2018 Final

We made a video of all the highlights. Below in the “Key moments” section, you can click to skip to that time in the video.

NaVi vs BIG

Map picks for ESL ONE Cologne 2018

  1. NaVi bans Cache
  2. BIG bans Mirage
  3. NaVi picks Overpass
  4. BIG picks Dust2
  5. NaVi picks Train
  6. BIG picks Inferno
  7. Server picks Nuke by default

NaVi ban Cache

NaVi doesn’t play cache, only 26 recorded matches with a 19% win rate. The must detest this map and a great candidate for a map ban since BIG have played a lot of their games on it with a 57% win rate.

BIG ban Mirage

BIG banned mirage, their worst map statistically with a 36% win rate on there and an obvious ban for them since NaVi has a 56% win rate (their 3rd best map).

SERVER picks Nuke by default

Spoiler: This map was not played.


NaVi pick Overpass

NaVi has played 153 games on Overpass with a 62% win rate, contrasted to BIG’s 42 games with a 45% win rate. Overpass is NaVi’s second best map (after train) so was a good choice.

  • NaVi pick
  • Win rate 62%
  • NaVi win 16-10
  • 1st half 8-7
  • 2nd half 8-3
Key player(s)
  • electronic
  • s1mple

Consistent damage, 21 and 23 frags for electronic and s1mple respectively. Similar on stats, electronic edged s1mple purely on assists and headshots (although he had a few more deaths).

Key moments


BIG pick Dust2

Dust2 was BIG’s map pick and statistically their best map despite playing only 14 games their win rate is 79%. NaVi has played a total of 102 games on Dust2 with only a 50% win rate. Dust2 was a great map pick for BIG.

  • BIG pick
  • Win rate 79% (14 games total)
  • BIG win 11-16
  • 1st half 7-8
  • 2nd half 4-8
Key player(s)
  • nex

tabseN and tiziaN had an impact on this map, but far away in the distance was nex, he was excellent. 31/19/8 KDA and an impressive 130 average damage per round (ADR). tabseN had 97 ADR, 20/17/9 KDA and was in no means a slouch on this game.

Key moments


NaVi pick Train

Train is NaVi’s best map, this is where they an beat most teams and made it the obvious choice for NaVi with 132 games played on it with a 69% win rate. Maybe if BIG blocked this map and took a chance on Mirage, it might have changed?

  • NaVi pick
  • win rate 69% (NaVi’s best map)
  • NaVi win 16-10
  • 1st half 7-8
  • 2nd half 9-2
Key player(s)
  • s1mple
  • electronic

s1mple and electronic had 29/16/4 and 24/16/8 KDA respectively. 14 of elecronic kills were headshots, and he edged s1mple out on damage with an average of 113 per round (s1mple 105 ADR).

Key moments


BIG pick Inferno

With only 26 games played and a 54% win rate, BIG felt comfortable here. NaVi had played 140 more games with the same win rate of 54%. A win on inferno would come down to overall team performance to win this map.

  • BIG pick
  • NaVi win 16-8
  • 1st half 8-7
  • 2nd half 8-1
Key player(s)
  • electronic
  • tabseN

NaVi clinched ESL One Cologne with this map win. nex, gob b and tizian were kept out of the game on BIG’s side, and smooya wasn’t able to be as impactful as he was in other rounds and maps. tabseN gets an honorable mention here; he was outstanding for BIG but electronic’s consistency was key in a map where flamie outperformed s1mple.

electronic has 24/10/5 KDA and tabseN matched this closely with 26/19/5. tabseN’s damage average was pretty impressive, 117 per round, as mentioned previously, his performance gave BIG a glimmer of hope while tizian, gob b and nex were <50 ADR each.

Key moments

What was the best possible fantasy team for ESL ONE Cologne?

Let’s have a look at the ESL ONE Cologne 2018 Legendary pool winner, Waari666:

ESP Legendary pool winner choices for ESL ONE Cologne 2018

The ENCE picks were pretty sick and quite insightful considering sergej was one of the picks that would have swoops the maximum points. It’s worthwhile remembering our rules, 2 players per team (i.e., you cant pick all of Astralis) and 10K to spend. Let’s have a look at these players a bit more:

  • s1mple
    • A frequent top performer, a solid pick albeit for a hefty price tag of $2,900
    • Surprisingly not in the top 5 “dream team” despite scoring 336 fantasy points
  • electronic
    • Not always the best performer on the team, not the worst, at $2,600 he’s not usually as good a pick as s1mple for $200 more, but, you only have 10K to spend
    • electronic was in the “dream team” with 336 points, but slightly cheaper than s1mple
  • dupreeh
    • Another expensive pick because he’s a consistent performer, plus Astralis are hot right now. He is a pricey player for your roster at $2,500
    • Astralis’ run was ended abruptly courtesy of the winners, NaVi. As such, they didn’t go as far and didn’t perform as well as usual
    • If you picked dupreeh, you would have paid out $2,500 and netted 155 points which is “OK” for dupreeh
  • sergej
    • An outside pick right? For $700, we feel that our winner Waari666 threw this in to make the 10K cap.
    • Surprisingly ENCE had a fantastic tournament.
    • Even more surprisingly, at $700, sergej was one of the “dream team”
  • Aerial
    • Another outsider. At $700, Waarii666 probably picked him to fill in the remaining salary.
    • Where ENCE had an unbelievably great tournament, Aerial was not one of the top performers. He netted 83 points.

The “dream team”

Here’s the best possible team you could have picked bearing in mind the 10K salary cap and 2 players max per team:

the ESP "dream team" for ESL ONE Cologne 2018


Team Player Score Salary
NaVi electronic 336 $2,600
BIG tabseN 266 $2,600
BIG tiziaN 232 $1,600
NaVi flamie 231 $2,500
ENCE sergej 165 $700


Top 10 points per $1000

For your information, here are the ESL ONE Cologne 2018 top 10 picks per $1000. Due to the rules, you couldn’t afford or pick them all:


Team Player Score Salary PPKD
ENCE sergej 165 $700 235.7
BIG tiziaN 232 $1,600 145
NaVi electronic 336 $2,600 129.2
ENCE Aerial 83 $700 118.6
NaVi s1mple 336 $2,900 115.9
BIG gob b 153 $1,400 109.3
BIG nex 288 $2,700 106.7
ENCE Aleksib 74 $700 105.7
BIG tabseN 266 $2,600 102.3
BIG smooya 119 $1,200 99.2

Fantasy point leaders

Fantasy point distribution for ESL ONE Cologne 2018

In summary

ADR is all good, as are frags, but team tactics trump everything. If you have the best player and his team cannot advance, then they won’t usually be top of the leaderboards. Additionally, damage and kills don’t always win maps. We saw a few 1v4 clutches at ESL ONE Cologne, a lot more 1v3s and way more 1v2s. Think about picking players that have excellent support, and you’ll do well.

If all else fails, put really expensive players in and “DO A WAARI” and pick the cheap ones to fill, hoping they do well. AKA a “Hail Mary”. There will never be another ESL ONE Cologne, what happened here was special, such a fantastic tournament and we hope you enjoyed it!

FaZe vs Mouz at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

FaZe vs Mouz at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

The map bans at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

Map bans are critical. ultimately Mouz gave away a free map to FaZe at ESLOne Belo Horizonte.

Mouz ban Overpass. A top map for FaZe and a reasonably weak map overall for Mouz.

FaZe ban Nuke. A top map for Mouz. FaZe and Mouz perform well on Nuke, perhaps cromen’s ability to perform on these might have been the reason why this was banned.

Round by round at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

1. Mouz pick Inferno, 16-6 [FaZe win]

This was a surprising pick by Mouz. Not a strong map for Mouz and consequently a GOOD map for FaZe. The result proved this map pick was a mistake, FaZe dominated, winning 16-6. karrigan, rain, and NiKo were outstanding for FaZe. suNny, ropz and n0thing were shut down entirely in this game, more so during FaZe’s impeccable T-side.

Battle of the standins: cromen had a much better time than n0thing.

2. FaZe pick Cache, 16-14 [Mouz win]

Both teams have a similar win rate on this map. The 16-14 map score reflected how close these teams were. It seemed to be going very well for FaZe, winning 11 rounds on T side, only for Mouz to step up and close the first half off with 4 round wins. In the second half, Mouz dropped 3 rounds but otherwise had a fantastic T side. chrisJ, STYKO, and ropz were the best players on the map and seemed to always be in the right place, at the right time and with the aim accuracy to shut out karrigan and rain.

Battle of the standins: cromen had a great time on cache, n0thing wasn’t so hot.

3. Mouz pick Train, 16-12 [Mouz win]

Great win here for Mouz on their map pick. GuardiaN and karrigan were locked out of the game. NiKo was carrying the critical stats for FaZe on damage and kills but chrisj wasn’t far behind. ropz and suNny put in an excellent performance to back up chrisJ to close the first half 11-4. The last 3 map wins on CT side appeared to be elusive for Mouz, as FaZe conducted a series of team kills and explosions. Round 23 to 28 was the home stretch with FaZe only managing to defend the bomb plant on round 26.

Battle of the standins: The standins on both sides had decent time on this map.

4. FaZe pick Mirage, 16-9 [FaZe win]

GuardiaN didn’t have a lot to do on inferno as karrigan, rain, NiKo and cromen were running rampant around the server. He was FaZe’s best player on cache but chrisJ dominated with the AWP. It wasn’t until Mirage that GuardiaN decided that he’d wreck people. He was top damage (97 ADR) For FaZe with 14 AWP kills and a cheeky 7 kills with the mac10. With NiKo was right behind Guardian with 22 kills and similar ADR, they made cromen and rain look average even though they had a great time on this map. STYKO was unable to make an impact here, but to be fair, it seemed like a massive mismatch for Mouz on mirage and FaZe’s T side dominance seemed too much to overcome in the second half.

Battle of the standins: cromen had a fantastic time on mirage, whereas n0thing (like all of Mouz) didn’t have a good time.

5. Dust2 picK by default, 16-10 [FaZe win]

This was a great map to finish off the tournament. Dust2 is the starter map for most CSGO players, so it’s very familiar to see it in the rotation for noobs all the way to pros.

FaZe managed to counter 7 rounds of Mouz’s T side. FaZe’s gameplay and confidence looked good for them to move on to sweep the T side in the second half, which of course they did. En route, NiKo showed how comfortable he was with an array of weapons:

  • 10 on rifles
  • 11 on sniper (2[scout]+ 9[AWP])
  • 4 pistols
  • 4 UMP

While the NiKo show was in progress, rain and GuardiaN were excellent. chrisJ was the only player on Mouz’s side that had a good game, ropz, STYKO and n0thing were locked out of contributing.

Battle of the standins: both had a rough time on Dust2.

Highlight video of ESLOne Belo Horizonte final

Watch the highlights of the final here: