ESL ONE Cologne Final 2018

Enjoy our data-rich report on the 2018 final of ESL ONE Cologne! ESL ONE Cologne final standings 1st: Navi 2nd: Big 3/4th: Astralis 3/4: FaZe Tournament MVP s1mple   ADR: 87 Kills: 404 Deaths: 262

FaZe vs Mouz at ESLOne Belo Horizonte

The map bans at ESLOne Belo Horizonte Map bans are critical. ultimately Mouz gave away a free map to FaZe at ESLOne Belo Horizonte. Mouz ban Overpass. A top map for FaZe and a reasonably weak

Update to esportspools service for UK residents

Due to regulatory reasons beyond our control, we have decided that for the foreseeable future we will not be offering our free-to-play product to UK residents. We are considering licensing options that would allow