ESL One NYC Preview

Eight teams will enter, one will be the victor! The point of that opening line was to sound Gladiator-esque, to convey how epic ESL One NYC is going to be! SK Gaming, Astralis, FaZe, Team Liquid, VirtusPro, Na’Vi, EnVyUs, and Cloud9 are in New York with $1000 worth of modern gladiator armor, in the form of CSGO’s finest Kevlar and Helmet!

Live from New York city, this year’s event is in the Barclays Center Brooklyn, where the aforementioned teams will compete for a share of $250,000 USD.

ESL One NYC 2017

The top 3 at ESL One NYC

Based on recent form, SK Gaming remains in the number one spot. They’re in a bit of a slump, and despite placing 3rd at ESG Mykonos, their last win was at ESL One Cologne. SK is hellbent on getting a result in New York.

In the number two spot and just by a hair, Astralis are expecting a top placement in ESL One NYC. Like SK, they have a stable roster for some time now, and the expectation for a win from these top two teams is immense.

FaZe is the new megastar lineup of CSGO. They recently benched kioshuma and allu was sent packing to OpTic, leaving spots for Olofmeister and GuardiaN. It’s just a matter of time before FaZe picks up a huge tournament win, will it be here in NYC?

ESL One NYC Contenders; Hot on their heels

Team Liquid tore up SK in ESG Mykonos semis only to lose 3-2 in the finals. Oskar was MVP in Mykonos, Liquid is on form, confidence is high and could pull off a result.

Virtus.Pro has played a lot of CSGO this year, two tournament wins and a handful of 2nd-4th places. They are overdue a win and are capable of going all the way, they did in 2016.

After winning PGL Krakow, Kane (Gambit’s coach) left with Zeus, now the in-game leader for Na’Vi. This is now a much stronger team and a huge contender, like Virtus.Pro above, they made it to the final last year and won it. Lighting. Strikes. Twice?

EnVyUs and Cloud9 made it here the hard way via qualifiers, it would make a great story, albeit unlikely if they were to pick up the big shiny trophy. Cloud9 have benched n0thing and shroud, have a stable in-game leader, and RUSH and Tarik are in from OpTic.

This is CSGO, anything can happen. Chickens with R8 fades n stuff…

Relive last year’s final