Free League of Legends Pools

Recently we stopped offering Free pools for our League of Legends fantasy pools. Ideally, we would like to offer them to you so that our League pools are more accessible. However, there are a number of prizing factors that restrict us from doing just that.

Previously when we did offer free pools, we offered monetary prizing. As we strive to maintain a high standard of ethical and legal practices in the esports world, offering monetary prizing to anyone is problematic. The use of real money falls under stringent regulations and laws; this can include geographical restrictions and age limits. To facilitate this, each user would need to be verified to prove that they are qualified to play with real money, even if it is just as prizing. Ultimately this would remove any accessibility we hope to gain from offering money-prized free pools.

The other option would be to have some sort of virtual good as prizing, like CSGO or DotA 2 skins in those games respectively. League of Legends is more complicated in that it does not have a global market where these can be offered easily. Furthermore, any RP offerings are not congruent across different regions. RP is sold in divisions by currency value rather than RP value. In other words, you can either buy 3250 RP for €20 or 3500 RP for $25. RP is also region locked. This makes it incompatible for us as we offer prizes internationally and would not be able to divide up the prizing effectively. What happens if a winner is from North America, but wins RP for EU region?

We understand this can be frustrating, especially if you have been enjoying our free pool options in the past. However, you can rest assured that we are constantly seeking solutions to be able to offer free pools to everyone.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us here.

Weekly Wednesday Giveaway

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Every Wednesday, ESP will host a giveaway on our social media accounts. This is a great opportunity for you to win even more skins from ESP! All of our skin prizes will be distributed via your ESP Inventory, so make sure you have an account on our site!

From week to week, we will incorporate new mechanics for you to enter each raffle. When each raffle closes will depend on which mechanic is used for that given week. Below is a list of different mechanics that we can have for our giveaways. Keep in mind, we might add something new in the future!

To keep up to date with the raffles make sure you follow us on social media and watch out for our hashtag #ESPWeeklyGiveaway!


Social Media Raffle

A Social Media raffle is your run-of-the-mill raffle that has a low barrier of entry. To gain an entry into the raffle, just make sure you’re following us on our various accounts. We’ll keep everything tracked through that week’s page. These raffles will generally run for 24-48 hours.

Second Chance Raffle

Placing high in a pool but just outside of prizing (e.g. 14th place with a 1st-12th prized pool) can be a frustrating experience. The Second Chance Raffle is an opportunity at a second chance to win some great skins. If you placed from 13th – 100th in any pool with skin prizes from the associated event, you are eligible to join this raffle. To join, send us your Share Picks image of that pool on social media. These raffles will generally run for 24-48 hours.

Share picks image

Event Based Raffle

Entry into this type of raffle is based on trivia associated with a specific event. Questions can range from simple ones like “Who will win the event?”, to more specific trivia such as “Which player scored the most fantasy points at the event?”. The duration of this raffle can vary greatly, as it depends on when the event runs — each time this raffle occurs, it will have specific details.

Promotional Raffle

This raffle will provide us with an opportunity to collaborate with various ESP partners to bring you some top-tier prizing. Additionally, here is where we’ll incorporate a giveaway with any ongoing promotional campaigns. Given that, mechanics for this type of raffle will change on a case-by-case basis. We’ll provide more details where necessary.

New App Update – v2.3.0

Here at the ESP, we’ve been working diligently on further improving the fantasy esports experience of our members. With that, we’re excited to announce the launch of a big update to our mobile app, which you can find on Play Store or the App Store.

You will now be able to enjoy a lot of the same features of the desktop site on the app, which include:

  • Salary Cap Functionality
  • Alerts
  • Search Functionality
  • Community Pools
  • Newsfeed


Salary Cap

Originally the app was limited to just showing our classic pools. However now, the salary cap functionality of the site has been added to the app.




Alerts, which have been a feature of the main site for several months, are now also available on our app. You will find the alerts in the icon located at the top right hand corner.

Next, simply tap the right side to bring up the alerts pane.


Search Functionality

Searching for a specific pool or a friend’s profile is now also possible via the new search function on the app. To search, just press the spyglass icon on the top right, then type in what you want to look up:

Community Pools

Joining a community on your phone or tablet can now also be done through the app. For more information on Community Pools, check out our blog!

To access the Community Area from the app, simply go to your Dashboard and go to Community Pools:



You can now also brush up on all your esports news on our app by reading through our newsfeed powered by! You can access it by going to your Dashboard and clicking “News”.


If you have any issues, questions, or concerns, you can contact us here.

Match Stats

In our continued pursuit of transparency and making our product more engaging, we have launched a new feature on the pool pages that will show which matches have been played in any given event, along with the stats for each match.

In addition, you can look into each individual match to keep track of the points your picks made. You can take a look at some of the players you didn’t pick to see how well they performed.

Stay tuned for more improvement in the near future!

If you have any issues, questions, or concerns, you can contact us here.
Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.14.56 PM



The ESP Eggstravaganza Eggxamined

  1. It’s over. Thank you all!
  2. The egg locations
  3. What we’ve learned & what’s next


1) It’s over. Thank you all!

Now that the ESP Eggstravaganza has come to a close, we want to take the time to thank all of you for participating. Your involvement and drive to find all of the eggs far exceeded our expectations and we are grateful for your support. We also wish to take this time to discuss the event in some detail now that we have the benefit of hind-sight. This is also an opportunity for us to maintain transparency with our members.

To start things off, here are all the egg locations!


2) The egg locations

Click on the thumbnail to see the egg’s location.

Egg #1:
On the Promo Page
Egg #2:
On the Blog Post
Egg #3:
Page Footer (can be found almost any where on the site)
Egg #4:
Bottom of the Past Pool Page
Egg #5:
Changing your Profile’s Cover Image
Promo Page BLog Post Bottom of past pool Change Profile Picture
Egg #6:
Hovering over the “Past” tab on the Home Page:
Egg #7:
Feedback page
Egg #8:
Change Profile’s Avatar Image
Egg #9:
All-time Leaderboard
Egg #10:
Create Community Pool
Feedback page Change Avatar All time Leader Create Community Pool
Egg #11a:
Deposit Modal on the Wallet Page
Egg #11b:
If you cannot access the wallet from your region, then the egg was located in the FAQ section
Egg #12:
Making Picks in a Paid Pool (Legendary Pool included)
Egg #13:
In the main forum thread
Egg #14:
Bottom of the FAQ/How-It-Works Page
Deposit Modal Geoblocked egg Paid Pool Pick Modal Forum Post FAQ
Egg #15:
Fantasy eSports Page
Egg #16:
On top of an unlocked Dragon-Lore prizing in the Legendary Pool
Egg #17:
Country dropdown in Settings
Egg #18:
Pool page of the Inaugural Legendary Pool for Dreamhack: Cluj-Napoca
Egg #19:
Making a search containing the term “easter”
Fantasy eSports Leagues page Legendary Prize Country Drop Down Cluj Legendary
Egg #20:
In the source of the #1 All-time points leader (Seqla)
Egg #21:
On hover over “headshots” in the “Game Rules” tab of the ESP EGG CODE POOL
Egg #22:
Hover over Team Gambit in the ESP Classic Pool for MLG Columbus
Egg #23:
Sharing the Legendary Pool via twitter
Egg #24:
The reverse of the code found on the Dreamhack Malmö Event page (776540a8 in this example)
Seqla Source Code Headshot Hover on Egg Code Pool MLG Classic hover on Gambit Legendary Twitter Share
Egg #25:
An exact search for “icanhazeggz”
Egg #26:
Hover over the word “here” located at the bottom of the Community Area
Egg #27:
Creating a Custom Leaderboard on the Legendary Pool
Egg #28:
Unlinking League of Legends Account Modal
Egg #29:
Hover over the first star of the Legendary Pool listed in the MLG Columbus Event page
CA Legendary Custom Leaderboard Unlinking LoL account Hover on first star legendary pool
Egg #30:
Found on your profile page only by going through a “Share Profile” link
share profile with egg signup code


3) What we’ve learned & what’s next


Although this event has been a massive success in many ways, there is also a lot that could be been improved upon. We have learned a lot from this and will continue to strive to improve for future events.

Originally, we expected our first 20 eggs to last several days. The first 19 were found in a couple of hours. With most of the eggs found in such a short time, we felt it would be unfair to participants who came later. So we decided to add an additional set of eggs as well as prizes in a staggered time frame.

While this addressed our issue at hand, it also other brought up other challenges. For one, the releasing of the extra eggs led to an issue which temporarily revealed the extra eggs early. While only public for a brief moment, this ultimately gave an unfair advantage to some participants who were able to find these eggs. As a remedy, we added more prizes so that participants could still win prizes for finding eggs #20 and #25, in order, as was the initial intention.

Here are some of the other points of learning that we will be implementing into future events.

3.1) Have all eggs set up to begin with (no update)

For the next egg hunt, it will be imperative for us to have all of the eggs put in place beforehand and avoid issuing an additional impromptu set of eggs in the future. By doing this, we have a much greater control over the quality of the eggs and the event overall.

3.2) Have time before eggs unlocking (release in waves)

To address the issue of having the eggs found in the first few hours of the event, we will have the eggs unlock in waves. This will let participants who join later still have a chance to win some prizes, and give others time to prepare themselves for the hunt.

3.3) Send out clues at different times to account for different timezones

While we did make efforts to release clues out at different times, we will be more diligent in the future to provide clues that are balanced for the different timezones around the world.

3.4) Separate prizes for first to find an egg vs total eggs found

We can introduce more ways to gain prizes so the early adopters don’t take all the prizes instantly. For instance: splitting prizes into “total eggs found” and “first to find a specific egg”. There are several different options here we are discussing.

3.5) Focus on more logic challenges and incorporating team work

Over the course of the event, we saw a lot of team work amongst the participants to try and find the harder eggs. Ultimately, we cannot stop people from sharing egg locations with others, so we will focus more on making the egg locations based on logic challenges that require a more communal effort.

3.6) Multi-lingual clues and hints

The participants came from all around the world and natively speak different languages and come from different cultures. To accommodate these wide range of people, we will ensure our clues are understandable by a wider range of languages.

3.7) Add time penalties for contacting support or using report functions!

We appreciate how much everyone wants to talk to Jerry, but we will have to prevent people spamming support for eggs 😛

3.8) Obfuscate from source code readers (bots)

We want to ensure that these eggs can be found through means that are fun and engaging. Building a bot to scan through the source code doesn’t fit within that, so we will be designing eggs that cannot be found through bots.

You can discuss this and ideas for the future on the thread in the forum.